Arturia - Pigments 3.5

Arturia - Pigments 3.5

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Evolved Synthesis Spectrum
A free update that launches our one-stop softsynth powerhouse into a new era of sound. Boldly explore the intricate colors, textures, and energies of the frontiers of electronic music production, from trap to grime to future bass.

Beyond its new features, new enhancements, and hundreds of new presets, Pigments 3.5 is more than the sum of its parts. These are never-before-heard positions at the modern edge of the sonic spectrum, where aggressive meets euphoric, sinister meets graceful.

Introductory Offer
To introduce the latest version of Pigments, we're running a selection of generous introductory savings for new and registered users.

Pigments not only comes with a factory library of +1300 presets - we're also releasing the Energy Triad Sound Pack, an exclusive bundle of 3 banks - totalling 450 specially-designed additional patches - giving you instant access to every texture, timbre, and color.

New Distortion Module
16 versatile distortion algorithms in one component

The term ‘distortion’ has evolved beyond its origins in broken speaker cones and clipping analog circuitry. Today, it’s a flexible sound design tool that ranges from subtle harmonic alterations to sounds crushed beyond recognition.

Pigments 3.5’s new Distortion Module combines 16 modes of distortion with built-in filtering for easy access to whatever flavor and degree of grit you desire. Crank or pulverize your patches with everything from bubbling germanium fuzz to jagged wavefolding, soft saturation or pure filth.

New Expanded Comb Filter
A versatile sound design tool that goes beyond classic filter behavior

A Comb filter lets you mimic the natural sonic behavior of acoustic instruments and craft outside-the-box sci-fi sound effects using tuned feedback delay.

Pigments 3.5 expands its Comb Filter with new damped modes: LP6, BP6, and HP6. These modes filter out certain frequencies in the feedback loop, giving you expanded control over the Comb Filter's behavior. Elevate your mixes with ambient plucks, shimmering bowed leads, grinding metallic bass, and much more.

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