Star T Rack
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Brunetti,Star T Rack

Brunetti - Star T Rack

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To me complexity does not always represent the best opportunity for the guitarist. The market is full of high technology amplifier units that offer more and more options in terms of features. However, the reality is that as musicians we are quickly tired of "technology" for its own sake and instead look for the marriage of basic principles and genuine technological insight.
Star-T-Rack is an amplifier that respects the true "tube" tradition. It is the first to offer a stereo head with 2 levels of operation: 20W in class A, or 50W in class AB, per channel. This flexibility is not obtained by the use of artificial electronic simulations but by a completely new circuit model: the ACIA ( Automatic Current Impedance Adaptor ), which allows this flexibility through simple switching. These developments have meant a small revolution in my approach and development of amplifier design. In order that the true dynamics and clarity of Brunetti can operate within this radical "dual power" design I have chosen 6L6GC tubes for this amplifier model.
The preamplifier section needs no elaborate introduction: 4 channels that range from the totally transparent to the totally driven all enjoying a whole world of tonal variation within a minimal number of control centres.
The effects loop is all tube with separate L and R mixing. In this way both L and R signals can retain their total independence. 20W class A on one channel and 50 A/B on another. If you want it Star-T-Rack can do it.
Following in the tradition of all Brunetti products construction is of the very highest quality. Knobs in turned aluminium, satinized and galvanized grilles plus chromium footswitches are just some of the extraordinary details of this amplifier. As ever all assembly is strictly by hand and is carried out by people with the outstanding knowledge and care to build a true classic.
Ultimately Star-T-Rack is the creation of a new reference point in amplifier design. My work, my passion and my fulfilment is to provide you, the artist, with groundbreaking designs that unify the best of the past with the promise of the future.

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