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Next Generation Harmonizer

The H9000 continues Eventide's unbroken tradition of delivering industry-leading signal processing power to the pro audio community. The culmination of a multi-year development cycle, the H9000 features 8x the processing power of the H8000 and a huge array of I/O options, as well as network capability.
The multichannel processing power of the H9000 makes it a suitable platform for surround sound and for processing several tracks of audio simultaneously. In addition, the H9000 introduces the concept of FX Chains which allows users to connect any set of four effects with flexible routing. FX Chains can be created to act as a voice channel, a guitar 'pedal board', a modular synth with effects, etc.
The H9000's remote control application, emote, is available for users working 'in the box' or over an audio network. Emote is available as a stand-alone application for Mac and PC and as a plug-in for ProTools, AU and VST.

Analog Audio I/O
Physical Connections Stereo I/O via XLR
8 Channel I/O via DB25 (Tascam standard)
Audio Specs SNR (A Weighted):
44.1 kHz: >114dB
48 kHz: >114dB
96 kHz: >114dB THD:
44.1 kHz: <0.002%
48 kHz: <0.002%
96 kHz: <0.002% The H9000’s XLR analog audio output jacks are male. Pin #1 is ground. Pin #2 is +phase (hot) and pin #3 is -phase.
Digital Audio I/O
Sample Rates 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz 
Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • 16 Channels of USB audio. 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz. USB can be used in conjunction with any other Digital I/O.
  • AES DB-25: 8 channels of AES 24-bit at 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz. Tascam standard. 
  • AES XLR: 2 channels of AES at 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz
  • S/PDIF RCA: 2 channels at 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz 
  • S/PDIF Optical: 2 channels (Only 44.1 kHZ and 48 kHz)
  • Optical (Toslink): 8 channels of ADAT (Only 44.1 kHZ and 48 kHz)
Network Audio I/O
Expansion slots 3
Dante support Yes
MADI support Yes
Control I/O
Remote Control Inputs Up to two foot pedals, or four 5V control inputs, or six foot switches, or combination. Stereo 1/4" connectors. The sleeve is ground reference, the ring is +5 volts (source), and the tip is an analog signal from 0 to 5 volts. Connect either foot switches, foot pedals, or control voltage sources.
Remote Control Outputs 2 isolated relay closures, rated at 30Vdc 1A. Relay #1 is connected between ring and sleeve, while Relay # 2 is connected between ring and tip. These connections are electrically isolated from the H9000.
MIDI Connections 5 pin DIN output and thru
7 pin DIN input with output capability
Size Inches: 3.5h x 19w x 12.5d
Metric: 8.9h x 48.3w x 31.7d
Weight 14 pounds (6.4kg) net

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